St Vincent De Paul Society

The poor are the sacred image of God whom we do not see, and being unable to love in any other way, we love Him in their persons.                                                       Blessed Frederic Ozanam

The aim of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference in Sacred Heart Parish is to meet and assist individuals or families in need and, through these actions and through prayer, to deepen the spiritual lives of the members. This help may begin in the parish but is offered to all who are brought to our attention.  Need might arise from isolation, loneliness and illness, from a failure to cope financially or family problems.

If you are aware of any person or any family experiencing needs as mentioned above, please let the S.V.P. know either through the parish priest, Mgr. Heskin or by contacting the members of the Society mentioned below.

The local Conference also supports in a variety of ways the wider SVP “family” and, in particular the St. Vincent Support Centres in Leeds:

and Bradford:

It does this through individuals volunteering at the centre, through donations and occasional collections of household goods. One hundred and thirty large sacks of good quality clothing and toys were sent to the Centre after the last such collection (October 2015).

Last year we

    • made over 600 visits to lonely, elderly or needy people in their own homes, in residential homes and in hospitals;
    • provided financial help to families and individuals in difficulties;
    • supplied food from the Churches Together in Ilkley (CTI) Food Bank to families in serious need;
    • assisted the elderly with their shopping and with hospital/dentistry visits;
    • collected and redistributed a large quantity of good quality, unwanted clothing, household goods and toys;
    • supported the Minnie-Vinnies (Junior SVP) at Sacred Heart Primary;
    • took Christmas gifts to the elderly;
    • gave extensive practical and financial support to the SVP community projects in Leeds and Bradford;
    • funded three children to go on an SVP Summer Camp;
    • assisted our three twinned SVP conferences in India;
    • supported SVP food distribution camps and clinics in South Sudan;
    • helped fund St. Monica’s Housing, Leeds, for female asylum seekers;
    • provided furniture for four refugee families;
    • prayed regularly for those in need whatever form that need takes.

If you are a parishioner who would like to join the Conference,  please use the contact telephone numbers below:

Frank McCrickard  01943 608655  (email:


Clement and Mary Smith   01943 831234

To discover the extent of the work done by the SVP in the United Kingdom, go to:

To appreciate the Society’s international scope, go to:

To find out more about the Mini Vinnies visit



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